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followed by our 10:00 AM Sunday Service.

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2022 Theme - "LIVING ON PURPOSE"

January 2022 Theme



January 2 – “What Do You Have To Do?” with Musical Inspiration Love Eternal

January 9 – “Come Dance With Me” with Musical Inspiration Charles Holt

January 16 – “Pulling Out All The Stops” with Musical Inspiration Craig Haley

January 23 –  “The Dream Police” with Musical Inspiration Kirsten Plambeck

January 30 – "Roadmap To The Authentic Self" with Guest Speaker and Musical Inspiration Ester Nicholson 

Join us at 9:35 am for a 20-Minute Meditation
Followed by Sunday Service and Live Stream at 10:00 AM (MST-PHX).


Watch our Live Stream on Facebook , YouTube or on our Website