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2021 Theme - "DARE TO BELIEVE!!"

The Science of Mind teaches that the Spirit is Limitless, but can only be to us what we believe It to be. Why must we believe It to be? Because until we believe that It is, we are believing that It is not! It is all a matter of belief. It does not matter so much what you say, it is what you believe when you say it that counts. When we dare to believe, our path is defined by possibilities! If your belief has brought you to a place of limitations, then other beliefs will change them. “It is done unto us as we believe.”

October 2021 Theme



October 3 – “Whose Is It?” with Musical Inspiration Orgena Rose

October 10 – “Uncover the Elephant” with Musical Inspiration Love Eternal

October 17 – “Poking the Bear” with Musical Inspiration Craig Haley

October 24 – “Beyond the Beyond” with Musical Inspiration Charles Holt

October 31 -  "Forgive for Good"- with Guest Speaker Rev. Sally Robbins and Musical Inspiration Kirsten Plambeck

Join us at 9:35 am for a 20-Minute Meditation
Followed by Sunday Service and Live Stream at 10:00 AM (MST-PHX).


Watch our Live Stream on Facebook , YouTube or on our Website