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The CLF Practitioners

Rev. Mary Jayne Hyde, RScP 

Rev Mary Jayne Hyde was a part of the group of Religious Scientist who started Creative Living Fellowship in the 1990s.  After completing the Science of Mind Foundational Courses in the early 1990’s, Mary Jayne felt the calling to become a Practitioner however, she also understood she had personal internal work to do, before she could step into that role.  After waiting for the first Practitioner class to get started, she attended the classes and became a professional Religious Science Practitioner in 2001.  Over the years, Mary Jayne served on many CLF Boards and served in many capacities to further the work of CLF. 

As a Practitioner, Mary Jayne enjoys teaching, leading book study groups that expand the knowledge and awareness of Religious Science principles.  She believes that increased knowledge can become greater self-awareness and that becomes an opportunity to become more of what and who we truly are. She says she has always known that everyone is a Gift and all individuals innately have gifts to share. She further believes that this Is learned through studying the teachings of Ernest Holmes and her part is to assist in revealing the Gift that each individual already is.

In addition to being a Practitioner, Mary Jayne loves music and the arts and can be found dancing at rock concerts and enjoying new art exhibits.


Contact Mary Jayne Hyde:


Phone: 480-229-2210

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Contact Aleyne Larner:


Phone: 602-799-9400

Aleyne Larner, RScP 

Aleyne Larner discovered Religious Science in Chicago in 1985. She began her Science of Mind studies with the Foundations Class (known as Science of Mind I, at that time). After moving to Los Angeles several years later, she went through Practitioner Training at the Agape Church of Religious Science (in the 1990s) where she served in the Prayer Ministry and the Children’s Church. 

She has been a member of this community and CLF since March 2019.
Prior to the pandemic, she enrolled in classes and frequently attended Sunday Services and other events. She has been serving as a CLF Adjunct Practitioner for more than a year now--praying with congregants, serving at Sunday Services, and regularly facilitating Mid-Day Meditation Services. 

Aleyne has a wealth of experience in (and brings her Practitioner Consciousness to) many areas, including Community Networking, Volunteerism, and Nonprofit Board Service. In May 2023, she said “Yes!” to filling a CLF Board of Trustees vacancy, where she now also serves.

Fran Peck, RScP

Fran Peck has been an active member of Creative Living Fellowship since 2011 and received her license as a Religious Science Practitioner in 2018 from Emerson Theological Institute. She has served on CLF Boards and actively serves in a variety of ways including serving the CLF community as its Animal Chaplain. Raised in a traditional Christian home, she began her New Thought journey at 13 years old, first studying Buddhism, and walked into her first Religious Science church in 1983 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The principles and practices of the Science of Mind have been so transformative in her life that she is committed to making these practices known so others may benefit from them as well.


Contact Fran Peck:


Phone: 602-585-5636

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