CLF Ministries

Congregant Care Ministry


Our Vision
To lovingly support, assist and be a gentle presence to CLF congregants (and their families) who are experiencing life challenges.


Our Mission

The Congregant Care Ministry, under the direction of Rev. Cindy Farrimond, provide the following services:

  • Hospital/hospice/home visits.

  • Distributes blessed Prayer Bears.

  • Initiates & participates in specially organized prayer circles.

  • Maintains ongoing phone/email follow-up.

  • Provides support for congregants and their families before, during and after transitions.

  • Contacts congregants who have been absent from CLF for a while.

  • Sends cards by email and/or regular mail.

  • Posts messages of support on specially created Caring Bridge sites.

  • Researches agency resources available to congregants on an as needed basis.

  • Offers additional support on an as needed, and able to fulfill, individual request basis.


How You Can Become Involved
The Congregant Care Ministry is always open to new members who wish to open their hearts and hands to others. A prerequisite for becoming a team member is successful completion of the Foundations class. If you know of a congregant who could benefit from the services of the Congregant Care Ministry, please contact our Congregant Care Ministers.

Congregant Care Contact Information

Green Faith Ministry


Our Vision
To honor and respect our Oneness with all creation by being extraordinary leaders in environmental stewardship.


Our Mission
The Green Faith Ministry is committed to awaken in each one of us the respect and attention our beloved Mother Earth deserves.  Recognizing that environmental stewardship is a spiritual value, we are making a difference through education and exemplary Living.

The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing that all living beings share. CLF is part of the Green Faith program that inspires, educates and mobilizes people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership. We are the first Religious Science Church and the first Church in Arizona to be certified by this national and international program!

How You Can Become Involved

The GF core team invites you to share your ideas and suggestions for sustainability projects.

We need leaders who will organize and implement our projects in the community. You are encouraged to get your friends and family or any volunteers involved in those projects. Anyone in our congregation who wants to volunteer is welcome. We also invite everyone to think about your daily activities and how you can help reduce waste, re-use items you already purchased, preserve water or electricity, use more environmentally friendly products, prevent harm or injury to wild animals, etc.

Educate your loved ones! If all of us are mindful and make conscious choices, we are already very much involved! Remember: "For the first time in recorded human history, we have the fate of the whole planet in our hands." (Chrissie Hynde)




Green Faith Ministry Contact Information

Beverly Janowitz-Price

Cindy Green

Community Outreach Ministry

Our Vision
To be a positive force for change in the community and to inspire our congregants to achieve their highest good from a shared vision of giving and receiving through service to the community.


Our Mission
The Community Outreach Ministry fulfills its Vision through organizing activities throughout the year to support the greater Phoenix community. Among those activities are back-to-school drives, holiday gift drives and food drives. Recipients of our efforts have included Sand Dollar Discovery House, Habitat for Humanity, Aunt Rita’s Foundation, Maricopa County Pediatric and Neonatal Units, and Homeward Bound just to name a few. 

How You Can Become Involved

The Community Outreach Ministry is always open to new members of the team to be a part of identifying, planning and organizing our service efforts. You are also invited to share generously whenever we have a drive to collect food, gifts, clothing, school supplies, etc.

Community Outreach Contact Information

Leader: Janet Story

Music Ministry


Our Vision
To uplift, enlighten and open hearts through music.


Our Mission
The Music Ministry provides music for Sunday morning services, holiday services and a variety of special services and events.  We are grateful for the talented New Thought vocalists, songwriters and instrumentalist, who generously share their talent with us.  Their contributions allow this Ministry to fully embrace and live its vision.

How You Can Be Involved
We are always open to discovering new talent. Opportunities are available for featured artist positions on an audition basis. There are also opportunities for people interested in running the sound board (training provided) and song leading.


Music Ministry Contact Information

Music Director: David Paonessa

Prison Ministry


Our Vision

We see a world where inmates are viewed as people and are encouraged to integrate into society despite their criminal past, and where they accept responsibility for affecting others. We envision a society where crime no longer has a place and then, when prisons and jails open up, people will join together in freedom. We see a world where violence is forgotten and criminal justice is in the past.


Our Mission

The CLF Prison Ministry is dedicated to recognizing inmates as the pure spirits that they are and allowing them to see that they are not broken. Through this action, inmates can transform themselves into better men, women, husbands, wives, brothers, sons, daughters, parents thus becoming successful and productive members of society.

This is done through consistent personal communication, positive encouragement and being an advocate for a criminal justice system that upholds restorative values in helping individual lives and communities flourish.

How You Can Become Involved

We encourage spirit-centered congregants of Creative Living Fellowship to correspond on a consistent basis with inmates eager for a responsible dialog. Primarily via letter, but phone contact, email where applicable and personal visitation encouraged.

Register to visit with inmates for food visits or one-on-one visitation.

Actively engage in discovering and implementing classes that can be delivered to the inmates in order for them to have a better sense of self-worth and promote the positive Spirit within them.

Work with the various department of corrections to find out how to apply these classes.

Prison Ministry Contact Information


Youth and Family Ministry


Our Vision
Our vision is to support and facilitate the spiritual growth of each child in a safe, loving and nurturing environment and in accordance with Science of Mind principles.

Our Mission
In addition to providing Sunday nursery and youth services for ages 6 through 17, our Youth Ministry regularly has special events for children of all ages. We host many annual family and youth events throughout the year. In addition, the Ministry has held Science of Mind Day Camps in the summer.

How You Can Become Involved
We have ongoing opportunities for you to share your love with our children.  Those opportunities include:  serving as a teacher one or more Sundays per month; serving as a teacher’s aide; being in rotation to provide child care at special events; being a “Special Gifts Sharer” by sharing your special talents, gifts, or passions with our children; or assisting with the Summer Day Camp.  With the exception of Special Gift Sharers, any individual wishing to serve in our Youth Ministry in any capacity must be at least 18 years of age and must have completed an Application and Pledge of Service, and those desiring to teach must have taken the Foundations of Practical Spirituality class.


Youth and Family Ministry Contact Information

Director: Nicole Jordan



At CLF, we provide a community where like-minded individuals can fellowship and learn how to express their full potential. We believe in the unity of all Life and that each Life is a divine expression of God.

We base our teachings on the principles of Religious Science, using The Science of Mind written by Dr. Ernest Holmes as our foundational text as well as the Bible and other sacred writings.

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