Jeannie Soverns

In 2012, Jeannie found her spiritual home at Creative Living Fellowship, having been raised catholic and even wanting to be a nun in her early years, Jeannie never stopped courting the Divine. Religious Science was an easy fit for what she had always believed, we are what we think! Diving into the teachings and embracing the feelings, knowledge and love of Creative Living Fellowship, Jeannie followed her heart’s desire to become a Practitioner.

As a Spiritual Life Coach Jeannie believes in her mission to give space, hugs, comfort and encouragement for those who wish to experience their highest and best selves. Jeannie is committed to 12 step recovery work and utilizes her 20 plus years in the 12 steps to create a safe place for those who believe they suffer with addiction or alcoholism, in themselves or a family member.

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phone: 602-386-9871


At CLF, we provide a community where like-minded individuals can fellowship and learn how to express their full potential. We believe in the unity of all Life and that each Life is a divine expression of God.

We base our teachings on the principles of Religious Science, using The Science of Mind written by Dr. Ernest Holmes as our foundational text as well as the Bible and other sacred writings.

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