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Claudia Hartman

Elevate your life with Coach Claudia Hartman, RScP

As a holistic life coach, I help you reconnect to your best self. I support you to uncover, discover and transform the hidden beliefs, thoughts and habits that are limiting you from living your fullest expression.

My coaching programs incorporate practical tools so you court the presence and attract what you deeply desire in your life, business and relationships. I believe we design our life from the inside out, and I would be honored to work with you to create the life of your dreams.



Claudia Hartman is a serial entrepreneur, award winning professional service marketer, conscious community advocate and author. She moved to the Southwest from Albany NY in 1991 and lived in Phoenix for over 25 years until moving to Prescott in June to live in a cohousing community to work on her book.

Claudia completed a 4-year professional practitioner program from Emerson Institute in 2017. She is a licensed Pracitioner at Creative Living Fellowship, Level One teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence; Landmark core curriculum graduate and certified NLP practitioner. Claudia graduated with a B.A. in English from Vassar College followed by life long study and experience in business, communication, community engagement, personal transformation and spirituality.

Claudia’s depth of life experience combined with her mindfulness training makes her uniquely qualified to take a holistic approach in her mentoring sessions. Highly intuitive, grounded in business acumen, Claudia supports you to transform limiting behaviors into new possibilities. By using practical tools and other practices you will be empowered to create new thinking and behaviors that attract positive and enduring results.

Claudia serves people who want to enhance and empower their life in private sessions or thru Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Pricing:  Free 30 minute “ get to know” session will help you decide if we want to work together. A variety of Individual and packages are available.  

Contact Claudia:

phone: 602-399-1754


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