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Michelle Davis

Michelle’s purpose is to be a role model for spiritual truth in order to inspire others to know theirs, so that they create a life they want to experience, thus creating a better world. 

Michelle is a native of Arizona and has lived in the valley most of her life. She has 4 children ages 26, 11, and twin 8 year olds. Her interests include her spiritual growth, doing all that she can to be a great mom to her kids, spending quality time with her family/friends, singing, writing song lyrics and books, cooking, health/fitness, along with inspiring others to realize who they are and to create a life they want to experience.


Life Coaching is Michelle’s primary business focus, as she continues on the educational path to becoming a Religious Science Minister. She was raised by a Jewish mother and a Catholic father, who tried to find common ground with their differing beliefs by allowing their children to experience each other’s faiths simultaneously, rather than chose one over the other. They also had a very diverse collection of friends that brought many other and non-traditional viewpoints into Michelle’s upbringing. At one point, Michelle’s family even attended 1st Church of Religious Science, where she thought they’d finally found their church home, but her parent’s commitment didn’t last. As a result, Michelle spent much of her adult years searching for a spiritual home, but none of them truly made sense or encompassed her beliefs. It wasn’t until years later that Michelle found herself back at that Religious Science church only under a different name, Creative Living Fellowship, and this is where she set her spiritual roots.

In her practice, in addition to her spiritual education, Michelle utilizes her BS degree in Education; as she loves to work with young people of all ages, especially assisting high school and college aged students to find their purpose. With her MBA, she also enjoys working with entrepreneurs and has owned several businesses herself. Relationship mastery is another area of focus for her, whether with a spouse/partner, child, co-worker, etc. Michelle is honored to work with people in all areas of life and is grateful to have this spiritual path and foundation on which to do so.

She works with people either individually, in groups/teams, or through a variety of workshops and classes and conducts her sessions in person, by phone, or via services such as Skype. She has a very flexible coaching schedule and has a variety of packages to help her clients create the life they want to experience.

Contact Michelle:

phone: 602-430-1941

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