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Peter Wearing

Peter’s vision is to raise the consciousness of our planet through teaching, support and prayer.  All conditions are a result. After working to change economic conditions through the political process, Peter now sees the best way to affect change is to raise consciousness.   A consciousness of love and sacred service will work within any political or economic system

Peter is a native of British Columbia, Canada and worked in a number of fields including 15 years in politics.  After politics, Peter turned to hospitality and found himself in Arizona. He originally grew up Catholic and practiced his first religion until 40 when a mystic experience caused him to reject his religious beliefs.  For the next 10 years he did not have a spiritual practice and eventually found himself struggling with life again. After reading Autobiography of a Yogi, he decided to give spirituality another chance.

It was only a few weeks after making this commitment that God walked him into Creative Living Fellowship. Then came the miracles.  Within weeks he quit smoking. Later the desire for alcohol and overeating fell away and the weight began to melt off. But these were external manifestations.  The biggest miracles happened on the inside.

Through commitment and dedication to his personal growth he embraced the teachings of Science of Mind and attended every class offered.  He began to see himself, not as broken, but a vibrant spirit that was shackled with self-defeating beliefs. He embraced the Truth that since he exists then God has a purpose for him.  He quickly went from being unhealthy to being vibrant. He went from struggling to from paycheck to paycheck to financially comfortable. But most of all he broke through the prison of “not good enough” to become self-confident, loving and generous.  

Along with his work as a Practitioner, Peter is also an advanced student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, a pioneer in the science of metaphysics.  He recognizes that Dr. Joe’s work fulfills the prophetic words of Ernest Holmes that one-day religion and science will walk hand in hand. Peter is active in community groups focused on men’s spirituality.  He is currently exploring the Divine Masculine.

Through this direct experience of transformation, Peter is dedicated to assisting others to walk their journey.  He is on the Board of Regents and Faculty of Creative Living University.

Contact Peter:

phone: 480-215-7168

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