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Susan Peacock

I see the Divine in every Soul I meet. I know that everyone has a gift to give the world and there are those who need what we have to offer. I see the Spiritual Truth and know any obstacles are just an illusion and can be dissolved. There is beauty in everything and everyone; it is my mission is to reveal the Beauty in everyone.

Susan was born in Des Moines, Iowa. She was adopted by Doc & Doris McNichols at the age of 6 months. She lived in Iowa until 1960 when her family moved to Phoenix. Susan has always been a seeker; looking and longing to know who, what, when, and why. Susan found her birth Mother & Father in 1974 and had a warm healing relationship with each of them. She was married and had two sons Geoff & Kelly. Susan also had a grandson Bryon who made his transition at the age of 17. Bryon was one of Susan’s best teachers and after his passing she decided to become a Spiritual Life Coach. Susan and Jon Whitaker, her life partner since 1974, share photography, art projects, design work, enjoying cooking and summer vacations in La Jolla.

Susan first took the Foundation Class in 1974 when Dr. Bob Henderson was the Minister of First Church of Religious Science; she joined the church and began her studies of Metaphysics. Susan’s first Practitioner, Mentor and Friend was Irene Amanda Hunter; who wrote and taught

“The Real You”. Susan has been fortunate to take many classes from Gifted Teachers like Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Ken Keys and Byran Katie. Susan found Creative Living Fellowship in 2004; she took her grandson Bryon with her; Lonnie Whittington spent many hours counseling Bryon. Dr. Michele and Dr. Bobbie Croddy have been amazing teachers, friends and mentors. During the past 14 years Susan received the most Spiritual growth and life became much more harmonious and peaceful; due to the teachings of Science of Mind.

Susan and Jon established Susan Fine Portraits in 1974. Susan received her Masters of Photography in 1984. Several of Susan’s portraits were chosen for the Permanent Loan Collection of the Professional Photographers of America, the highest award for PP of A members. One of Susan’s Portraits was selected by the Eastman Kodak Company, from thousands of entries from all over the world. The Portrait was displayed in the Kodak Pavilion at the opening of Epcot Center, Walt Disney World. Susan’s “Pets and Their People Series” of animals, families and children, includes more than 45 years of Professional Portraiture.

Creative Living Fellowship is Susan’s second home; she has been a teacher and class assistant at CLF. Susan has presented a World Peace Meditation at CLF. Susan loves creating alters for the various celebrations with candles and crystals embellishing the alter; and ornaments for the Christmas Tree, cards and bookmarks for the Congregant Care Ministry. Susan Loves meeting with people and mentoring them discovering their true Divine Nature. Susan enjoys hearing people’s stories of their life experience with compassion and Deep Listening. Susan finds that her Life always runs smoother when she is involved in assisting or teaching at CLF. Susan feels that the right people are guided to her because often her clients have gone thru some of the same life experiences as she has; it’s all Good and its all God.

Contact Susan:

phone: 602-943-9744

mobile phone: 602-689-8803

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