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Laura Jesmer

As an instrument of Love, Peace, and Compassion, I support and inspire each unique individual on their journey to knowing, fully revealing and living as their True Divine Self.

Laura Jesmer was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and was brought up in the Jewish faith tradition.  She was raised to celebrate diversity, inclusion, and honoring differences and began supporting social justice action in high school and college.  Her passion growing up was figure skating and she enjoyed performing and competing, and eventually teaching and choreographing skating shows. She completed her Masters of Social Work degree in 1990 at the University of Illinois and moved to the warmth and sunnier skies of Phoenix in 1994.  She was divinely guided to Creative Living Fellowship and the teachings of Religious Science while enjoying one of her other passions - dancing. During a break at line dancing lessons, a mutual friend was studying Science of Mind materials. Laura was curious and found the teachings to be in alignment with what she already believed.  Laura was invited to attend service at Creative Living Fellowship with her friend in the spring of 2002 and has felt at home since walking through the doors.


Laura became a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner in 2006 and feels blessed to serve as a Practitioner at Creative Living Fellowship as she opens her heart to the presence of Spirit to support others on their spiritual paths.  Laura finds great joy inspiring others to live the life of their dreams, as individual expressions of the Divine. She loves working with clients in individual prayer sessions teaching Science of Mind classes, serving on the Board of Ecclesiastics and co-leading a CLF Circle with her wife Sheri.  She continues to be passionate about social justice, building bridges, finding common ground, and spreading love and kindness knowing that we are all unique expressions of the One.


Laura finds that Religious Science teachings fit perfectly with her professional role as a psychotherapist.  She owns her own psychotherapy practice in Scottsdale, AZ, with a focus on resolving trauma, letting go of self-defeating patterns, supporting personal growth and helping others build healthier relationships with self and others.  She has been inspired by the writings and teaching of Ernest Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Anne Lamott, and Marianne Williamson and most recently by Dr. Dan Siegel and Brene’ Brown.


Laura was born and raised a Chicago Cubs fan and loves carrying on her family tradition.  Laura’s newest dance passion is Zumba and she enjoys listening to live music, hiking, working out, traveling, and reading.  She especially loves spending time at home with her wife and their two dogs Emerson and Ridley.

Contact Laura:

email: ​

phone: 480-239-1509

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