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Karen Nestor

My greatest joy is the opportunity to open my heart to receive Spirit for my client and for myself.

Karen’s vision is to support clients to empower themselves to find balance, clarity, connection, and success in their lives.

Karen was born in Bloomfield, New Jersey and moved to Phoenix in 1977. She still considers herself an east coast girl, although she loves the winters in Phoenix and the red rocks and healing energy of Sedona. From an early age she was interested in how science and spiritually came together which set her on a course of self-discovery. She attended a personal awareness and growth group at the age of 18 which lead her to the teachings of Science of Mind.

Karen became a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner in 2004 and feels blessed to serve as a Practitioner at Creative Living Fellowship as she realizes the presence of Spirit that moves through her to support others on their spiritual paths. She enjoys creating and teaching classes on meditation and connecting to Spirit.

Her spiritual purpose is to support, challenge and uncover the greatness in people. As a certified Life Coach, Karen created Your Life by Design Coaching Company in 2015.  She intuitively listens to your words and feelings and feeds back to you a different perspective, one you may never have thought of before. When you work with Karen she uses a unique balance of brain research, intuition, humor, her life experiences, and 16 years of Life Coaching experience to support you in looking within to find the answers that were always there. She’s also in the process of writing her book on Bliss to help the world raise its consciousness and live in joy. Some of her clients have gone on to create great wealth, write books and find the careers of their dreams by seeing a new perspective to the blocks that held them back in their lives.


Karen has been married for 15 years to her loving and supportive husband Michael. They have 3 fur babies and love spending time traveling, reading and enjoying each other. Her passions in life have been creating beautiful food and feeding people, interior design and gardening.

Things you may not know about Karen… She used to be a hairstylist. She got married for the first and only time when she was 43. She went to cooking school in Florence, Italy. She’s grown hydroponically in her garage.

Contact Karen:

phone: 602-826.2678

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