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Imagine walking into a room and being embraced and supported in a warm blanket of love and care.

Picture having your own set of personal cheerleaders who celebrate your successes and support you in incubating and manifesting your dreams.

Think what it would be like to have individuals who truly understand you and who sustain you through prayer, love and assistance when challenges and obstacles arise.

Envision your own spiritual growth being nurtured and cultivated in a profoundly meaningful way.

Within the intimacy of a small-group setting, CLF Circles provide all of that . . . and more! Led by trained Co-Leaders who have their own individual support system, each Circle is designed to meet our human need for care, love and friendship. In fact that’s what CLF Circles are . . . circles of Care, Love and Friendship!

If you are interested in joining a CLF Circle, please complete the Application here and submit it to the church office or email it to: You will be contacted by one of the Circle Directors, Rev. Christopher "Guru Karam" Gallagher or Deborah Covington to discuss your particular desires and to discuss with you the process of being added to a Circle.

In the meantime, if you have questions, or if you want to learn about being trained to be a Circle Co-Leader, please contact Deborah here.

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