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Creative Living Fellowship Board of Trustees is looking for YOU!


CLF is positioned for explosive growth and increasing prosperity in 2022 and beyond!!!


To support our growth during this transformative time, the CLF Board of Trustees (CLF BOT) is seeking new members, with very specific skill sets.


Most importantly, we want individuals who are committed, dependable, ready, energized, skilled, and willing to step into leadership.



Specifically, we are seeking those with proven skills/professional experience in the following areas:

¨ Board development

¨ Strategic planning

¨ Staffing / HR

¨ Program development

¨ IT/Tech Training

¨ Financial management

¨ Fundraising

¨ Evaluation

¨ Community networking

¨ General Contracting/ Commercial renovation

¨ Training

¨ Marketing

¨ Volunteer management

¨ Facilities management


  • Support CLF with your Time, Talent, and Tithe

  • 3-year Board Term

  • Weekly Board Meetings just during the next few months, then we go back to a monthly meeting

  • Sunday Service attendance

  • Emergency/Misc Meetings as needed

  • Lead/volunteer on committees/projects

  • Be a loving, welcoming presence to visitors, existing members, and new members in our community


If you are feeling called to step into leadership, AND have some of the skills CLF needs at this time, please complete the ONLINE application by clicking this link:  BOT APPLICATION


*The application will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

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