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September 2017 Theme – Living Dynamically

“The word ‘dynamic’ has the same root as the word ‘dynamite.’  That which is dynamic is powerful, forceful, filled with energy and leads to change.  That which is dynamic tends to blast you out of a rut!”  Those are the words of Catherine Ponder, often considered the Mother of New Thought prosperity teachings, in her classic book, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.”   Most of us know her as the tithing guru.  But her work is about so much more than that one prosperity principle.  Come this month as we discover for ourselves how to live dynamically and experience a truly prosperous life, a life in which you experience an abundance of the Peace of God, the Health of God, the Joy of God, the Love of God and the Plenty of God.

September 3 – “Ready to be Shocked into a Prosperous Life?”Special Music by Kirsten Plambeck

We set the tone for our month today as we blast through some limiting, and possibly deep-seated, beliefs about living a prosperous life.  Now if you don’t think you have any limiting beliefs about that topic, just ask yourself this question.  “Am I experiencing as much of the Peace of God, the Health of God, the Joy of God, the Love of God and the Plenty of God that I would like?”  And if the answer to that question is even a little bit, “no,” then be sure to be with us today. 

September 10 – “Speaking Your Word” with Guest Speaker Rev. Sally Robbins; Special Music by Cerise Patron

Claiming the good that you wish to experience is often the key to manifesting in your life. It’s amazing how fast the universe moves for us when we dare to take control and demand our high expectations. Catherine Ponder calls this “The Prosperity Law of Command.”  Join us as Rev. Sally explores how we can call forth the good in our lives!

September 17 – “Working with the Law of Increase”Special Music by Heather Dubois

Catherine Ponder writes extensively about the Law of Increase.  Wallace Wattles in “The Science of Getting Rich” speaks of the “ever-increasing life.”  Ernest Holmes says “The Power of Life within you brings to you increasing happiness and joy and greater material abundance.”  Thomas Troward in “The Dore Lectures” wrote: “We may always rest in the happy expectation of something still better to come.  . . . because the Spirit is in itself the Principle of Increase.” Um?  There must be something to this idea of increase!  Today we take a deep dive into this profound concept, thereby increasing our consciousness to increase our dynamic living.

September 24 – “Developing Your Super Powers”Special Music by Gary Lynn Floyd

According to Ponder, we are all Wonder Women and Captain Americas because we are all equipped with Super Powers – abundance Super Powers, that is!  They may not involve magic Lassos of Truth or boomerang shields, but they are mighty and powerful. Come today and find out what they are and how they can work for you.


August 2017 Theme – Our Summer Reading List, Part II

Summer is the ideal time to pull out our favorite reading as well as to explore books that have been on the “must read” list but which we haven’t yet opened. Last August, we took highlights from four different books that had been on Rev. Michele’s summer reading list and had such a grand adventure with that, we thought we would do it again this August. This time, however, we will take a bit of a deeper dive in the books, so we will just look at two that have been on her reading list for quite some time. They are “Living Big” by Pam Grout and “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. Be sure to be with us each Sunday as we twist and turn our way through these impactful summer reads.

August 6 – “What Does It Mean to Live Big?”Special Music by Gail Clay

In “Living Big,” Pam Grout writes: Living Big isn’t about making lots of money or having a Texas-sized house. It’s about having an intoxicating vision, about daring to look at the miracle of life without shrinking back. Living Big means having the nerve to find your own drum beat, sing your own song.” Today we bring that concept into our individual, personal lives as we think big, imagine big and play big!

August 13 – “More Big Living”Special Music by Darius Lux

As we continue exploring Pam Grout’s book “Living Big,” today we bless big, give big and love big, realizing that, as we do, we expand more fully into who we came here to be and leap into a most extraordinary life.

August 20 – “Universal Truths”Special Music by Jennifer Sheets

In “The Universe Has Your Back,” Gabrielle Bernstein lays out a variety of Universal Truths that won’t be any surprise to us, but that she presents in some unique ways. The Universal Truths we will explore today are: “You are Always Being Guided Even When It Doesn’t Feel Like It” and “The Universe Works Fast When You’re Having Fun.” So, come today and be deeply guided while having a bit of fun in the process! P.S. These Universal Truths also help us Live Big!

August 27 – “More Universe Truths”Special Music by Point of Light

Staying with “The Universe Has Your Back,” today we dig into two more Universal Truths: “Obstacles are Detours in the Right Direction” and “The Universe Speaks in Mysterious Ways.“ Embodying these two Universal Truths will move us to a great place of trusting Life regardless of what may be going on in our lives and, of course, to Living Big!

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