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July 2017 Theme – Summer Traditions; Summer Wisdom

The summer brings with it many traditions: 4th of July barbeques, swim parties, get-away vacations or stay-cations, summer camp for the kids and finding mid-afternoon comfort in a cool movie theater, just to name a few. What if, within these summer traditions, we were to find some wisdom for living a life of joy and happiness that comes from having a deep spiritual connection? Well, this month we will do just that! So come stay cool at Creative Living as we cull some summer wisdom out of our summer traditions.

July 2 - "The Watermelon Credo – Slice 1"Special Music by Pam Morita

Biting into a juicy, cold slice of watermelon on the 4th of July (and throughout the hot months) is certainly a refreshing summer tradition. Wally Amos, otherwise known as “Famous Amos” the cookie guru, found great wisdom in that tradition and wrote about it in an engaging book, The Watermelon Credo. In this book, he sets forth a Credo for living, which we will explore over the next three weeks. This Credo finds some powerful wisdom in a beloved summer tradition.

July 9 -" The Watermelon Credo – Slice 2”Special Music by The JaJa’s

Today, we take another slice of wisdom from the Watermelon Credo and find several empowering ideas that serve us in creating deep connections with ourselves, with Source and with others.

July 16 – “The Watermelon Credo – Slice 3”Special Music by Jami Lula

We take our final look at the Watermelon Credo with some more juicy thoughts and wise concepts.

July 23 – “Allow Yourself to Allow”with Guest Speaker Rev. Sherry F. McCreary and Special Music by Sisters in Spirit
During these "lazy" (hot!) days of summer, learning to surrender to what is and let go of those things that don't serve can be a powerful process. Join Rev. Sherry as we explore the wisdom in that process and in letting go of doing and allowing ourselves to simply be. It is in this place of openness that Spirit works Its magic and reveals Itself in our lives as Love, Peace, Creativity, Joy, and all of Its Gifts.

July 30 – “Take the Plunge”with Guest Speaker Rev. Sandra Hopper and Special Music by Gary Lynn Floyd
Swimming, rafting and other water sports are certainly summer traditions. And in order to engage in any of them, we have to take a plunge of some sort! So it is in our spiritual life. We sometimes need to take the plunge of letting go of the old to bring in the new. Join Rev. Sandra today and take the plunge together!


June 2017 Theme – “A Roadmap for Living in Joy”

A fundamental tenet of Science of Mind is that we are made of God Stuff and that each and every one of us (no exceptions here!) contains all the attributes of God, including, most certainly, the ability to create. When we are intentionally creating, we are aligned with the God of our Being and are the happiest. Interestingly, it is the process of and the progress in creation that bring us the most joy. So where is your joy meter? If it isn’t as high as you would like, this month we offer some new insights on how to increase it by expressing the Divine quality of creation.

June 4, 2017 – “What Station Are You Tuned Into?”Special Music by Craig Haley

We are always tuned in to one of three internal radio stations. Two of them weaken the process and definitely bog down the progress of intentional creation. The other one enhances the process and expedites the progress. Which one are you tuned into? Come today and find out.

June 11 – “What Stops You in Your Tracks?”Special Music by Darius Lux

The profound and eye-opening answer to that question is (drum roll, please) . . . our “upper limit.” What is our “upper limit?” It is the unconscious ceiling we put on our ability to truly reach for what we desire. When our upper limit kicks in (and it can be very, very sneaky), we squash our process and our progress of intentional creation, therefore, squashing our joy. Join us today as we take a look at the variety of ways in which our “upper limit” stops us in our tracks, so that we can break free from it, get busy creating and raise our joy meter!

Father’s Day, June 18 – “Or, Is it a ‘Safe Problem?’”Special Music by Andrea Beaulieu

Creating something amazing isn’t necessarily easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it! But to live from God, as God, to God, it is our spiritual imperative that we be in the process of and making progress on our intentional creations. And, that is where our joy is found. So, perhaps you have raised your “upper limit,” but still aren’t feelin’ the joy. Well, in that case, you just might really good at creating “safe problems.” What are “safe problems?” Come Sunday and find out!

June 25 – “Standing at the Green Growing Edge of Our Becoming”Special Music by Point of Light

Hildegard of Bingen, the 16th century Christian mystic, spoke about “the green growing edge of our becoming,” referring to how we are all meant to grow in our awareness and in our inner knowing as expanding beings. As we conclude our month of exploring the road for living in joy, we will bump up against that edge and expand it out a couple of feet.

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