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April 2017 Theme – Be the Message

Do you think the world could use a big dose of our Science of Mind principles right now? Do you think if more people lived from Oneness, knew they were Spiritual Beings and realized their creative nature that life-affirming political, social and economic shifts would occur? Could Love really be the answer to every question? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then April is for you as we recognize the sacredness of Easter and delve into the role we each can play in creating a world where God’s Love, Light and Truth are experienced in higher and grander ways.

April 2 – “Find 1,000 People” Special Music by Pam Morita
Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, gave a moving and powerful talk at the Religious Science conference at Alisomar in 1959 in which he said, “find one thousand people who know that, and use it, and the world will no longer be famished.” Today we will hear a portion of his talk and discover what “that” is and how we can use it.

April 9, Palm Sunday – “Now I Can See The Moon” with Guest Speaker Rev. Sally Robbins Special Music by Darius Lux
Japanese poet Mizuta Masahide wrote, “Barn’s burnt down – now I can see the moon.” Living the Science of Mind principles requires a consciousness that sees beyond apparent limitations, and today we’ll explore how to anchor into that consciousness. This Sunday, we will also experience our most beloved ceremony -- The Palm Sunday Rose Blessing in which anyone who desires will be personally blessed.

April 16, Easter - “Begin Anew” Special Music by Heart and Soul (6:00 am Sunrise Service); Point of Light (9:00 and 11:00 am Services)
As we explore the metaphysics behind Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, we are invited into a renewed aliveness and a recommitment to living a conscious, Spirit-filled life. And as we each begin anew with our personal renewal and recommitment, we become beacons of greater light for the world. Come turn up your light with us on this beautiful and sacred morning.

April 23 – “Where Do You Stand?” Special Music by Rilee Ann Webb
How do you see yourself being one of the “1,000 people” we spoke about on April 2? How will the blessing you received on Palm Sunday come alive in your life? How have you turned up your light as a result of our Easter experience together? We will explore these question (and more!) as we gather together to make the past weeks very, very personal.

April 30 – “’Hacking’ The Shack“ with Guest Speaker Rev. Renee Morgan Brooks Special Music by Sally Jo Bannow
“Today I am Expressing God's Love, Being God's Light and Living God's Truth” is a perfect affirmation for our ever-expanding relationship of living as One in the Mind of The Divine. Breaking into or exploring the book “The Shack” by William P. Young (and the subsequent movie) provides yet another platform to get clearer and go deeper into the Divine of our Being. It's time to release any distorted thinking, kick our emotional baggage to the curb and be what we came here to be . . . God's Light! By the time we meet April 30, give yourself the treat of having experienced the book or the movie – or both.


March 2017 Theme – “Minding the Mind”

One of the lines of CLF’s Mission Statement is we find “the sweet spot between the head and the heart of our Science of Mind teachings.” Last month, we focused on getting to the heart of matters. This month, we give equal time to the head or, to be more specific, to the mind and to Mind. Come be intellectually stimulated and richly blessed as we “Mind the Mind” this month.

March 5 – “That Just Blew My Mind!”Special Music by Freebo

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. once said, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Have you had your mind blown when you’ve taken on a new spiritual concept and then never been able to look at life the same way again? It is our intention to blow your mind in such a way today!

March 12 – “Mind Over Matter”Special Music by Craig Hailey

“Mind over matter” is a common phrase, and is used to speak to the creative nature of our minds. And while we would certainly agree that our minds are creative, is “mind OVER matter” accurate, or is there more to it? Come today and find out what more there is.

March 19 –“Your Mind is a Vessel”Special Music by Cerise Patron

Did you hear the one about the student who traveled a vast distance to study under a great teacher only to prattle on and on about what he already knew in their first meeting? If you’ve heard that one, do you remember what the great teacher did? If not, come today and find out . . . and even if you do know the rest of that story, come anyway, because there is more to be revealed.

March 26 – “If You Don't Mind, It Doesn't Matter”with Special Music by Andrea Beaulieu

This is a direct quote from a most unlikely source. If you know who it is, email Rev. Michele before Sunday, March 26, and then be in service and there just might be a prize for you! While this may seem to be a shallow statement, there is actually some deep wisdom in it. Today, we dive in and find it.



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