Spiritual Life Coaches (Practitioners)

Spiritual Life Coaches at CLF

Licensed professional Religious Science Practitioners (known as Spiritual Life Coaches or SLCs here at Creative Living Fellowship) live, demonstrate and practice Spiritual Truth, meaning they know all life is an expression of God and therefore must be Love, Peace, Joy, Order, Harmony, Abundance, etc. regardless of appearances. CLF grants the license to practice as a "Practitioner of Religious Science" after students complete five years of rigorous spiritual coursework and actively demonstrate their spiritual convictions of the Science of Mind Principles.

The Power of a Spiritual Life Coach Session

Whatever life experience you may be having, CLF’s Spiritual Life Coaches are here for YOU. Dedicated to revealing your Oneness in God and seeing beyond any condition, SLCs, help the individual realize and reveal the wholeness and perfection of their being by aligning in Truth through Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer).

A session with a SLC offers you the following opportunities to:

  • Open a space within for healing and revealing of the Truth
  • Shed the Light of God on all areas of your life
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and replace them with statements of Truth
  • Unleash your vision and incubate your dreams into manifestation


When to See a Spiritual Life Coach

Although many visit a SLC when faced with a specific challenge, a one-on-one session is effective for all who are ready to accept more good in their lives and live in closer communion with the God of their being. SLCs are available by appointment for paid one-hour sessions. Please see the directory of SLCs for contact information or connect with the CLF office at 602-906-4080.

The Ministry of Prayer

Written prayer requests may be submitted to the Ministry of Prayer at any time. The “Prayer Box” as well as prayer request forms can be found on the SLC table in the church foyer. A SLC will do Spiritual Mind Treatment for your request. This is a service that the SLCs lovingly gift to the CLF community, and they are open to receiving love offerings. If you are called to make a love offering, feel free to leave it with the prayer request.