Our 15 Year Vision

A Vision for Creative Living Fellowship’s Next 15 Years (2010 – 2025)

Creative Living Fellowship is a multi-cultural, multi-generational community of at least 2,000 enlightened souls practicing Science of Mind principles and grounded in compassion, practical faith, pure love, prosperity, wisdom, peace and truth.  We have grown from the inside out. The growth in numbers only increases the spiritual intimacy experienced by the community we serve.  This is easily accomplished due to our expanded services and opportunities for connection and the increased number of dedicated and skilled ministers and practitioners who have graduated through The Mincks Educational Center. 

Locally, we are known as the place everyone wants to be.  We are the go-to center for spiritual enlightenment, education, and music in the greater Phoenix area.  Everyone who walks onto our campus is loved – from the moment they enter. We support them in accepting who they are and developing who they will become so they live into the highest idea of themselves and reach their own personal visions.  As a willing, loving birth mother, CLF brings forth a great generation of leaders, teachers, visionaries, ministers, and artists.  We encourage everyone to reach beyond their comfort zones into their greatness and to find their ever-expanding joy.

We uphold individuals in God’s pure light as they navigate the valleys of life.  In those moments of despair, we provide a safe sanctuary for the healing of mind, body and soul by being a beacon of love, hope and acceptance.  We are a life-saving community that helps people find their place in the world.  As they begin their upward journey again, we support them with enthusiasm and joy! 

We are home for healthy families and provide a nurturing environment where both parents and children can grow, learn and love together.  Our children’s ministry has blossomed as we teach and inspire the next generation to know they are God.  As a ministry in balance and harmony, we also serve the senior population with programs and services to meet their needs.

We are not only a major force for good in our own congregation and the local community, but we are known worldwide as a leader for the social consciousness of love, peace, and unity.  We are at the cutting edge of consciousness on the planet as we show by example what living in the Spirit truly means. Through our work in Phoenix, Arizona, we raise the consciousness of the entire world for the highest good.  Our message is broadcast worldwide via the internet, television and other media, and we draw visitors from all over the globe to our Arizona campus to witness the many avenues of innovative and loving service that are successfully improving the lives of all whom we touch.

We are a powerful voice for the emergence of a strong, vibrant and healthy Mother Earth and for the protection and love of all sentient beings.  We demonstrate God’s love for the planet and all life by being a role model of a community committed to sustainability as well as by educating others in sustainable living practices.  We grow fresh fruits and vegetables on our campus enabling us to nourish not only the souls, but also the bodies, of our community.

We stand at the leading edge of spiritual education.  We have not only a preschool on our campus but an accredited scholastic campus Kindergarten through Doctorate, teaching all ages the necessities of life framed within and embodying Science of Mind core concepts at all times.  Our educational institute draws students from around the world to study, and our practitioner and ministerial training is a cornerstone of education in the nation.  Individuals move to Phoenix simply to attend the school.  Our campus is a magnet for the world’s best teachers, mystics and leaders who desire to share their insights and teachings with our student body.

To support this expanded and expansive ministry, we acquire property surrounding our current location or we move to a larger facility.  But that cannot hold us, so we birth other campuses across the greater Phoenix area to serve a wider geographic community.  All of our campuses are prosperous and completely paid for.

We expand beyond our physical walls, as we reach out to those affected by war, homelessness, hunger, poverty and terror to create a world of peace, freedom, justice, caring, compassion and unity.  We cooperatively work with other faith traditions to launch programs to support ethnic, cultural and religious diversity throughout our world.  We see God in the world and take Spirit-driven action -- we are not just a spectator!

April 23, 2025, starts today.  We are pure light, and we walk forward in love as we live these next fifteen years to the absolute fullest in peace, love, prosperity and joy-filled connection with Spirit.  We are the greatest love vessel on the Planet and are true to our name -- 

We are an avenue for Creative Mind to express here on earth, we are an example of Living fully, and  we are a joyous, all-embracing Fellowship.

We are so happy and grateful to be living this expanded vision.  Thank you, God!  And so it is, and so we let it be!