Our Ministers

Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington, Senior Minister

An Emerson Theological Institute graduate, Michele Whittington is the Senior Minister at Creative Living Fellowship, a Religious Science church and teaching center in Phoenix, Arizona. Rev. Michele graduated from Arizona State University, summa cum laude, in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication.

Prior to entering the ministry in 1997, Rev. Michele spent 20 years in the business arena, the first 18 in the legal field, serving initially as administrative support and then, after receiving her B.A., in law firm management. In 1995, her heart called for her to be in greater service, and she left the law firm environment for life in a not-for-profit agency. For two years, she worked as the Sponsor Developer for a transitional housing program for homeless, low-income families recruiting and training volunteers as well as raising $250,000 in annual sponsorships.

Rev. Michele has served on a variety of Boards, including the Board of Management of the Downtown Phoenix YMCA from 1982-1990 where she was also the First Vice Chair for two years. In 1992, she was invited to the Board of Trustees of First Church of Religious Science and, in 1993, she served as President of that Board. From 2001 – 2003, she served as a member, and then as the Vice President, of the Affiliated New Thought Network.

Having come from a varied business background before entering the ministry, she brings her knowledge and experience of the "real world" to her work. She believes her life's purpose is to travel an ever-ascending spiritual journey and to serve others with love and compassion as they travel theirs.


Rev. Dr. Roberta (Bobbie) Croddy, Education Minister

An Emerson Theological Institute graduate, Rev. Dr. Bobbie Croddy is the Education Minister at Creative Living Fellowship. She received a Doctorate of Divinity in 1999. Prior to her ministerial studies she was a United Religious Science practitioner at Valley of the Sun Religious Science Church in Scottsdale and continues to also serve as a practitioner at CLF

In addition to the ministry Dr. Bobbie has a professional background in nursing, holding positions as Director of Surgical Education and Assistant Director of Cardiovascular Surgery. In these positions she had the opportunity to help develop this specialty in Phoenix working with leading cardiovascular surgeons. She became a visiting instructor at ASU College of Nursing teaching the nursing student’s cardiovascular surgical nursing.

In 1991 she went into hospice nursing, working for 18 years as a case manager, mentoring physicians, employees and nursing students, on care of the dying and being a spiritual presence at their bedside.

She has been with Creative Living Fellowship since in 1999, serving in many capacities. She was Director of Practitioners for 4 years, served as the leader for the woman’s spiritual group and as Director of Education before answering a letter of call to become the Minister of Education. Since assuming this roll she has spearheaded the development of the Mincks Educational Center and the School of Ministry.

Creative Living Fellowship is Dr. Bobbie’s spiritual home and she knows that her background serves her in her current role. She believes her mission is to nurture, create and maintain an environment of growth and unlimited potential for all those around her.


Rev. Cindy Farrimond, Congregant Care Minister

An Emerson Theological Institute graduate, Rev. Cindy Farrimond is the Co-Leader of the Congregant Care Ministry at Creative Living Fellowship. She’s been a Religious Science Practitioner since 2006 and continues to serve as a Spiritual Life Coach at CLF. Rev. Cindy also serves a CLF class assistant and can be found serving in many TMEC classes and on stage singing with the One Voice of Love Choir.

Prior to the ministry Rev. Cindy had a 31 year professional background in the health insurance field working for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona. Holding positions as a Customer Service Representative, Trainer, Legal Research Assistant and Internal Auditor. In these positions she had the opportunity to develop her administrative, customer service, and people skills.

She has been with Creative Living Fellowship since in 2001, serving in many capacities. She was the Co-Leader of the Community Outreach Team for 4 years. She also served as the leader and trainer for one of CLF’s first connection groups, Friends in Spirit. Outside of CLF she served on the Board of the Arizona Interfaith Movement and contributed to the Religious Science portion of their book, “ Interfaith Inspirations for Our Globalized World” . She believes her most important role to date is that of Grandma Mimi, which has taught her to be fully present, to have fun and love unconditionally to the best of your ability.

Creative Living Fellowship is Rev. Cindy’s spiritual home. Her mission is clear, to make a difference in the world by showing up as loving presence, teaching spiritual Truths and helping people discover their own greatness!


Rev. Sally Robbins, Affiliate Minister

Rev. Sally Robbins recognized as a young child that she had an unquenchable desire to know God. At the age of 10, she attended a New Thought church and immediately resonated with the spiritual principles and knew that she was destined to live a spiritual life. She has been a minister since 1998, graduating from the Emerson Theological Institute, and has served as senior minister of three churches. Rev. Sally is currently a Focus Minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living as well as an Affiliate Minister with CLF.

Active with CLF's prison ministry, Rev. Sally is a spiritual mentor to a local inmate who has turned his life around with Science of Mind principles. Also passionate about end-of-life care, Rev. Sally is a trained bereavement counselor. She has ministered in hospices, and was a bereavement counselor at a funeral home. She has also served with Trauma Intervention Program, an organization where citizen volunteers respond to traumatic incidents at the request of local police, fire and hospital personnel to assist those who have been emotionally traumatized.

Rev. Sally currently serves at the national level of Centers for Spiritual Living and is a frequent contributor to Science of Mind Magazine.


Rev. Lonnie Whittington, Staff Minister

Lonnie is a Founding Member of Creative Living Fellowship, graduated with the first CLF Practitioner class in 2001 and graduated from the first TMEC Religious Science Ministerial Program in 2010. He was a board member of CLF in the early days until his wife, Rev. Michele, became the Senior Minister in 1997.

He is a former Director of Practitioners and is honored to serve CLF's members and congregants as Minister/Practitioner. He also carries on correspondence as a spiritual advisor to prisoners incarcerated in Arizona and other states. He is an instructor through TMEC and has created and taught several different classes. He particularly enjoys teaching Comparative Religions in which Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Judaism, Taoism, Christianity and Islam are presented and explored as the foundation to Religious Science.

With more than forty years of experience in advertising and graphic design, he is responsible for many of the visible aspects of CLF including designing and maintaining the websites for CLF and the Creative Living University.

In his day job, Lonnie is a consultant to high-tech business-to-business clients and maintains some consumer clients.  He was an Associate Professor at Arizona State University in the Department of Art (1976-1983) and College of Architecture (1983–1984). He taught a variety of classes at Collins College (2001) and is proficient in software and production for animation, audio, video, print and web design.


CLF Ministers Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Peggy Conger

Rev. Dr. Leonard Mincks