Donate to CLF

One of the missions of Creative Living Fellowship is to be a spiritual community reaching out to serve the needs of others. We are constantly growing in our ability to be a vehicle for positive personal as well as global change. Help us continue to expand our mission by donating generously.

You can also donate by mailing your contribution to:

Creative Living Fellowship
Attention:  Business and Finance Manager
6530 North 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85014


Auto Tithe Option

We offer auto-tithing as a service to our congregants. When you sign up for auto-tithing, your tax deductible contributions are automatically transferred to our account. No more writing checks or trying to keep track of your contributions. Click here to download an Auto Tithe Application

To sign-up, simply print the form, fill it out and return it to the CLF office. You may either mail it to the address above, give it to our finance manager, Deb, or put it in the collection plate on a Sunday.

There is no minimum on the amount you auto-tithe and there are no fees to either the church or congregants. No more scrambling to write a check on Sunday mornings. No more trying to remember how many checks you have written this month. No surprises as to the amount of your offering at the end of the year.

Auto-tithing will give us a more consistent income with less variation in contributions from week to week. It will make accounting procedures easier as we will no longer need to make out deposits for these checks.

If you have questions setting up an auto tithe, please contact our Business and Finance Manager at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We thank you and the world thanks you.


Wish List

The following is a list of items that we use all the time in general order of need:

• Forever stamps
• 9vt, AA, AAA batteries
• Regular and decalf coffee
• Paper plates & napkins
• CDs(CD-R700MB)
• Staples & Home Depot gift cards
• Marathon Jumbo Roll BathTissue (
• Marathon Dispenser Roll Towels (
• Tissues- tall box/boutique
• Dispenser soap: CM Luxury Foam Soap by Reliable (stock#430706)
• Windex
• Printer/Copier Paper (8-1/2x11)
• Sanctuary Tissue: Medline(Product No.NON243276) (online purchase)
• Flourescent lightbulbs (4ft-2pack)
• CD sleeves, paper (white7multicolored)
• Card size envelopes: (white, green3-5/8x6-1/2)
• Printer ink( various styles)-
   Print/toner cartridge HP 96A
   Ink cartridge HP Q6000Ablack
   Ink Cartridge HP Q6002Ayellow
   Ink Cartridge HP Q6001Acyan
   Ink Cartridge HP Q6003Amagenta
   Ink Cartridge HP 74XL black ink
   Ink Cartridge HP 75 tri-color
• Dishwasher soap
• Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
• Mystic Neutra Floor Clean (at Staples)
• Chlorox Wipes

Our Associates

Did you know you can support CLF through your regular purchases? In most instances this means that a percentage of purchases that are made by either clicking through our website link or signing up for membership will come to CLF with no extra cost to you. Click on the links below to learn more:




These are some of the creative ways to support your spiritual home and also helps your money to count twice: it allows you to purchase what you need and provides support for our goals. Over time, we’ll be exploring other partnerships.

While working with an associates partner does not imply any endorsement of that partner or of their policies, we will evaluate each partner to ensure that their overall record of doing business is not in direct conflict with our mission and values. We will be looking for other partnering opportunities, so please feel free to suggest any that you think might be a good fit. Contact us with your suggestions here.