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At CLF, we explore concepts that help take the confusion out of a seemingly confusing world. We teach spiritual principles to help individuals achieve a more joyous and fulfilled life, and we provide a community where like-minded individuals can fellowship and learn how to express their full potential. We believe in the unity of all Life and that each Life is a divine expression of God. We are welcoming, open and inclusive to all. Learn more about us here...

Sunday Services - 9 & 11

May 2015 Theme – A Bridge Across Time - Celebrating Where We've Been, Where We Are and Where We are Going. As we celebrate and commemorate 20 years of Expressing God’s Love, Being God’s Light and Living God’s Truth, we will personally and individually celebrate our spiritual growth and expansion as well by looking at where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going. Weekly themes and audio...

Bridging the Gap

Help us raise $75,000 to refinance our campus so that we might serve you and those beyond our walls in bigger and better ways. We are using CrowdRise, a cost-effective online fundraising website. Every person touched by our message: our community, our Ministers, our Spiritual Life Coaches or our congregants have amazing stories to tell. To learn more about what we do and to help support our services - please click here.

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Amway has quality products that you use every day. Our congregant Annie Walker makes it easy for you to select from hundreds of fine products and helps CLF benefit at the same time. More here...

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Creative Living Fellowship is honored to be part of a program in which religious institutions of all faiths and denominations commit to being leaders in environmental stewardship. More here...

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I like to stay healthy in mind and body. CLF, to me has always been a place that supports that with people who live what they believe, and supports me on my spiritual path without fail. Being a member of CLF has truly been life changing! Jon Baker

CLF is an incredibly important part of my life. The support of CLF and these teachings helped me through a difficult time and kept me aligned and grounded so I could do what was mine to do while the Creator of the Universe brought me my dream job. Thanks for all you do! Fran Peck

The culture Rev. Michele, spiritiual counselors and congregrants have created has provided the space to stimulate and increase my love of life and self-acceptance. I have found a church home that TRULY walks the walk and talks the talk while embracing and supporting every person. Forever grateful, Lee Ann Black

I know I say this every Sunday – but I can’t even begin to tell you what it means to me to have found a spiritual home. EVERY week, I have a most amazing experience!  Wow.  I want to scream from the roof tops! Roger Webb